The image of marijuana ingrained in the minds of many people is that it leads to addiction and its users are unemployed individuals who are always red-eyed and on the verge of turning into psychopaths. This image might exist thanks to several movies and commercial media materials which showcase marijuana users as psychopaths, but the truth is that marijuana is not that bad.

In fact, medical marijuana is a hot topic of discussion (though controversial and debatable), and studies and research have revealed that marijuana has quite a few medical benefits and is not so detrimental after all. Several states in the United States have lifted the ban on marijuana and made it legal, especially for medical purposes. (When cannabis is used for medical purposes it is termed as prescription marijuana).

Benefits of marijuana, including medical purposes

  • Medical marijuana provides relief from pain

A lot of medical conditions cause pain, irrespective of the organ that has been affected. Chronic pain, apart from being uncomfortable and at times severe, can also interfere with daily activities such as physical movements, mobility, moods, emotions, and even job opportunities and leisure activities.

Cannabis is known to possess pain-killing properties, thanks to the cannabinoids present in them that connect with the brain and help to relieve the pain.

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